Banking law

Banking law, revocation of banking contracts

We are aware of the difficulty of dealing with banks for abusive situations in signing contracts with them, that is why since LAWYERS Velazquez, to avoid problems or abuses in signing contracts, advise you on the best products they can fit your company and inform completely independently of the advantages and disadvantages of the signing thereof clarifying the fine print.

• prior to the signing of financial transactions Consulting.
• Hedging of exchange rates to ensure the success of operations and contracts signed in all kinds of foreign currency.
• factoring contracts.
• Documentary credits.
• advice on investment funds, national and international depending on your investor profile, independently recommending the best managers.

If the complaint or conflict is inevitable, from Velázquez Lawyers we advise you and handle about the cancellation:

• Demands Cancellation purchasing complex financial products such as indexed bonds, preference shares, investment funds whose capital has been sunk, significant losses in any financial product offered by their trusted entity or investment banking.
• swaps or hedging policy interest rates. If you feel hurt by this type of contract can apply for annulment in court and request the return of the settlements provided they are given a set of circumstances that are considered unfair and may lead to declare the nullity of the contract.
• Resolution leases.
• Resolution of lease.
• Challenging unfair terms or abusive interest rates.
• Removing personal guarantees.

Refinancing operations

It is customary in business finance loans are requested for purchase transactions either intangible assets or materials, including any buildings or lots. These operations are performed on expectations of growth in sales or profitability of assets that are being financed and sometimes the lack of planning in these operations and too much optimism in the ability to pay or termination of the waiting period set may lead to situation of illiquidity and financial strangulation of the company and even to stop paying loans themselves ending the situation in executions and even bankruptcy.

The solutions provided by the company itself without application of objective criteria when applying for a refinance loan can lead to even greater losses than previously to refinancing. To avoid these situations and for a reasonable price and that certainly is going to save money in the future from our firm commitment we made no study of the type suitable for their needs refinancing through the following actions:

We carry out the viability plan necessary and essential to know the ability to pay or free cash flow that has its society and show it to financial institutions in order to determine the necessary years in which it is essential to refinance debt. Refinancing in fewer years than required is a headlong rush and even an aggravation of the problem.

After learning the ability to pay a study of debt affected classes is made and define the objectives of the process,

Negotiations are conducted entirely by our team to achieve the objective and firm refinancing operation, or even payment in kind.

Major companies have gotten us in much less time than they had invested doing this without the help of professional management without having achieved any of the goals set until hired our firm of lawyers and economists. Have important references of companies that prefer to be anonymous but would particularly willing to record their experience with our office. We have refinanced 90% of cases with success and customer satisfaction

Advice to investment portfolio

We advise if your financial investment portfolio is properly managed by your financial institution, or if instead is offering products that only interests the bank, not you.

We advise on where and how to invest your money for maximum profitability proportional to risk it intends to take. The counseling is done completely independently and objectively, unlike banks, investment advise you on your needs and interests you and heritage without any other consideration, in time when investment banking has lost credibility. Investments are made in banks marketers highest prestige and solidity. We have an agreement with Deutsche Bank, investment bank credited for its reliability and solvency with an excellent management team.

Financial operations

We handle requests for more funding for innovative companies with mainly technological component and advice to entrepreneurs.

1. ENISA is a public company under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the Directorate General of Industry and Small and medium-sized enterprises to actively participate in the financing of viable and innovative business projects. We handle your records thereby achieving participatory loans subsidized interest rates without provision of guarantees. The best guarantee is a viable project.
2. Investment Funds. We have agreements with investment funds willing to invest in your company, by entry into the capital of the company for a maximum period of between 3 and 5 years. While driving the growth of their society synergies that improve profitability and management of their society are generated.
3. Bussines Angels. We connect investors who need to obtain a return on their money as an alternative to traditional investments in already established companies or start-ups who need capital injections to launch its activity.

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