Structural changes of companies They are understood as those changes in society that go beyond simple statutory changes to affect the staff of the company capital structure or, and, therefore, include the transformation, merger, division and global transfer of assets and passive. Also in this standard regulates the international transfer of registered office which, although […]

Unfair competition partners and / or directors and unfair acts It is common in the business world that situations of unfair competition that occur are caused by one of the partners no administrator, or by a partner which in turn holds the post of administrator. In both cases though you can have the same gravity […]

The tax law is especially relevant today due to increased performances by the Tax Agency regarding inspections and reviews. It has also increased the complexity in this area due to numerous rules constantly changing . Our team of tax experts will advise on the rules applicable in each of the operations carried out by issuing […]

We are specialists in the following business practices: Social action and individual responsibility for managers Partners and / or managers of fact or law that cause harm to both society as partners and / or creditors jointly liable for damages caused by the actions of responsibility by 3 types of actions: Social Action responsibility where […]