Court proceedings

Judicial claims in national and european companies.

Actions claim damages

We advise how to claim damages suffered in their society by:
Breaches of contracts and the termination of contracts for breach of a party.
Breaches of contracts for construction works (computer software or any other contract work, construction etc.) or performance of defective services or mediate breaches.
Or if your company is affected by a judicial claim, we defend society from any legal contingency.

Actions contract and tort.

We advise on actions of contract and tort liability for any action or negligence as well as liability for professional or manufacturing.

Advice on corporate shareholder disputes

Execution of shareholders agreements, liability actions against administrators and Appeal of resolutions and decisions of the Board.
Exclusion procedures and separation of members of society.
Claim dividend imposition of abusive arrangements.

Corporate crime law

Article 252, which is included in Section 1a of Chapter VI of Title XIII of Book II, and will be amended as follows:
1. The following are punishable by sentences of Article 249 or, where appropriate, with Article 250, those having authority to administer on a foreign heritage, stemming from the law, mandated by the authority or assumed by a legal business, overstepping infringe the exercise thereof and, thus, causing injury to the managed assets.
2. The same penalties are imposed on anyone who violates the duty of ensuring the foreign economic interests emanating from the law, mandated by the authority assumed by a legal, or derived from a special relationship of trust business, and thereby causes injury to one whose economic interests had a duty to protect.
Until now, the administration was unfair in a form of undue appropriation and as such establishes the Supreme Court ruling of April 28, 2014: “Art. 252 of the Criminal Code punishes two different types of misappropriation: classic furniture misappropriation strange thing that makes the legitimate holder that incorporates its heritage for profit, or deny having received and unfair management of committing the patrimonial damages administrator when its main diverting the money which is available at your fingertips “. At the same time provided for in Article 295 C.P. the corporate form of unfair administration

Challenge and defence on civil and commercial contracts

ATerms of the contract; Agency agreements, distribution, concession and franchise; Resolution procedures and contract termination; Procedures on validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts; Ownership, possession, transfer and management of real estate; Claims for payment.

Defense and actions in implementation process as much in spain abroad.

Judicial and arbitration; Implementation of personal and real guarantees; Filing of exchange procedures, execution of securities and payment procedures to claim amount. Defense procedures relating to fundamental rights violation of the rights to honor, privacy and self-image.

Agreements invalidity proceedings.

Judicial declaration of invalidity of resolutions by flaws in the consent, partition of inheritance, marriage contracts, marital dissolution etc.

Challenge procedures partition and inheritance

Partition and division of inheritance.

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