Legal equals

Integral advice of companies in commercial matters: Legal equals.

Once the company is constituted, we advise you on all those contracts necessary for the development of the activity, with clients, suppliers, self-employed workers, remuneration of partners, associates, commercial and among others:

  • Implementation of the LOPD regulations,
  • Constant claim service for delinquent customers,
  • Claims in all types of breach of contracts.
  • Special confidentiality and non-competition clauses for dependent workers and self-employed workers.
  • Senior management contracts.
  • Preparation and presentation of annual accounts.
  • Accounting reviews.
  • Tax filing. Corporation tax.
  • Planning repatriation of benefits abroad.
  • Claims of any type of tax.
  • Inspections of the Tax Agency or any regional body.
  • Tax planning.
  • Tax advice on income of partners and administrators.
  • Adaptation of society to the new regulations.
  • Preventive advice.

Legal equals

For comprehensive advice, we recommend hiring an IGUALA JURÍDICA service, which includes all the above actions and benefits from a 30% discount on the rate for legal proceedings of all kinds. The prices of the legal equals range from €300.00 onwards depending on the volume of operations of the company. We adapt to your needs.

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