Financial and tax law Official financial audits

The tax law is especially relevant today due to increased performances by the Tax Agency regarding inspections and reviews. It has also increased the complexity in this area due to numerous rules constantly changing . Our team of tax experts will advise on the rules applicable in each of the operations carried out by issuing a report on any matter specified or performing a FICAL REVIEW .. Our philosophy is a preventive vision of Tax Law for its tranquility. Besides the above our firm offers specific advice on:

Tax inspections

We advise in tax inspections of your company from the first request for information, monitoring and inspection advice to the Tax Agency / inland revenue under agreements result of inspections and the resulting deferred amounts payable.

In case of non-compliance with the result of the inspection or liquidation interpose RESPOSICIÓN RESOURCES, RESOURCES TO THE COURT ADMINISTRADTIVO ECONOMIC AND RESOURCES ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COURT, by which it considers unfair settlements as well as sanctions applied.

Municipal tax

We are experts in dispute settlement by municipal capital gains countless successes in this area. Resort settlements municipal capital gains from the internal appeal until the appeal before the Administrative Court.

Special tax regime

Application of the special regime in Mergers, segregation, partial and full splits. The corporate restructuring may lead in some cases to apply the special tax regime is a significant tax savings. Has been considered by the Inland Revenue to separate the assets to protect it from activities that can result from high financial risk is a valid to apply the special tax regime reason if the separation of risk activities is performed by segregation or partial excision same and / or block transfer to another company. From our office and set the tax and commercial team will advise how you should act in this kind of restructuring and reorganization.


Comprehensive advice on compliance with documentation of related transactions , from real estate appraisal with our referee assessor , to the valuation of units or shares in companies, etc.

Economic and financial crime

We also do defense in criminal proceedings for tax offenses.

International taxtion

Increasingly there is an internationalization of Spanish companies and this in turn leads to the implementation of International Taxation regulations . Our team of international operations advises on international tax applicable . Our advice ranges from the planning of international taxation until the completion of the various tax and information returns and self-assessments on compliance and enforcement of international conventions on double taxation.

Audits and verification of financial statements

Our firm conducts verification audits of annual accounts comply with the provisions of Article 263 of the Royal Decree Law 1/2010, of July 2, approving the revised text of the Capital Companies Act is approved:

First, they will have their annual accounts audited companies that meet for two consecutive years two of these three requirements:

  • Having a turnover of more than 5.7 million euros.
  • Have total assets of more than 2.8 million euros.
  • The average number of employees during the year has been more than 50 people.

Our team of auditors have conducted audits from small businesses to listed companies. Ask for a quote.

If you have no obligation to audit their annual accounts, but nevertheless need to appoint auditor voluntarily to the capital increase against reserves or anticipate a possible request by partner over 5% representation, also we offer the service auditor referee for verification ANNUAL ACCOUNTS.

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