Valuation of companies

Valuation of companies.

Valuing a business is an activity that requires significant financial expertise. The need to value a company may be given in circumstances where it is required to know its value to the following:
a) Operations of separation between partners.
When several partners decide to separate or simply what is intended is to manage alone the society and make an offer to one or more other partners, arises in principle doubt the worth of your company. In such situations, our firm has successfully led innumerable cases of separation of partners with the following actions:
• Rating society.
• Performing proposed purchase or sale to other partners.
• Negotiations for the separation and fiscal study to determine the most economical and legal right fiscally speaking.
If there is no agreement click and read the following information “Separation of partners and exclusion of members of company” in Corporate and commercial law

b) Trading operations.
The need to know some or approximate to open negotiations on the correct line buying and selling corporate value. For the seller the valuation indicates the minimum price at which to sell and the buyer’s valuation indicates the maximum price to pay.
o When the price is right and there is agreement between the buyer and seller sides for being related party transactions, that is, when there is a share of capital between the buyer and seller, or are the same partners in both companies with a stake of more than 25%, we could be facing a case of related party transactions.
Such transactions or required to be supported by an assessment to meet the requirements set out in the Tax Agency. Perform the valuation of the company saves both inspections and sanctions of this body.
c) Inheritance and wills.
The valuation of the company will be used to compare the value of the shares of other goods and set a price on the particional notebook.
d) remuneration systems based on value creation.
Determining the value of a company or business unit will serve to quantify the share of value attributable to managers.
e) Strategic decisions about the continuity of the company.
Determining the value of the company is the first step before deciding whether to stay in business, sell, merge, grow or buy other companies.
f) Strategic Planning.
The valuation methods are recommended by international IAS and therefore it is valid anywhere in the world
1. Send the completed form and documentation that we request.
2. We will maintain a personal interview with you and one of our specialist consultants.
3. Making the transfer payment and shipping Valuation report.
When you want to get an approximation of the value of the business or enterprise. A basic service where the content or composition of the financial statements or financial figures that are based is not verified in any case is provided.
The work “online” takes place without physical presence in their offices. They must complete the information requested in the document attached download and will be sent by email (previous scanner) or by fax well and containing the relevant data for making the assessment, among other information should be available to the last the financial statements .
Its cost is € 200.00 + VAT. Payment prior to the assessment, by bank transfer or check payment in our office.
When what is sought is a certain value has been based on figures and parameters that can be verified afterwards. A report containing relevant information to approach with a high degree of certainty the value of the company valuation redaccta. a value is presented in a range that allows you to defend operations sale of the company to perform operations of corporate or between partners restructuring through the entry of new partners or the output of any of them which may be for sale, divorce, inheritance, etc.
We started working with the application for the initial documentation that will need to perform the task by Rating Application, available in PFD.
The price of our service is INTERMEDIATE € 800.00 + VAT corresponding PREVIOUS PAYMENT TO TOP OF THE ASSESSMENT.

Buying and selling of companies: business / share /

There are two ways to sell a business, by purchasing shares or by purchasing only the business or activity itself. Both forms of sale are substantial differences, because depending on the choice of one or the other may have to assume certain liabilities of the previous owner or not. That is why, before you buy or sell your business should be properly informed of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the established forms. Once you have decided to purchase a business or sell it by any of the above ways, we advise in the most convenient way for their interests and ensure that the purchase is a success using two techniques:
Performing “due diligence” as a review from the point of view of all legal aspects and features of a company in order to identify potential risks, issues, risks sanctions or debts that may exist, and check the veracity of balance sheets. The advantages are unquestionable because not only the information necessary to know the actual price of the company is obtained, also because a deep knowledge of the company to be acquired is obtained. If not done, they can then appear a series of hidden defects and responsibilities Treasury or Social Security or other creditors, of which he will be responsible directly to the new owner and can not plead ignorance of these debts at the time of purchase .
Making contracts with clauses and conditions precedent “Declarations and guarantee” by the seller, to ensure the success of the sale. Writing clauses in order not to transfer the responsibilities of the new partners and protect against acts by former directors and / or partners while they were partners and / or directors of the company.
You can also perform partial purchases are separate business units activity by segregation or division of companies.

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