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Commercial contracting: tailored commercial contracts

ABOGADOS VELAZQUEZ, is an international law firm specialized in Commercial Law, so the lawyers that make up this area are specifically trained in commercial contracts, advising companies on all types of operations.

Our firm offers legal advice services in the negotiation process, preparation of custom contracts and personalized to your business and review of commercial contracts prior to their signing. The most common commercial contracts are:

  1. Mercantile Purchase Contract.
  2. Contract of service.
  3. Construction contract: creation of software, construction, etc.
  4. Commercial Guarantee Contracts
  5. Contracts for the sale of second-hand vehicles
  6. Loan contract, mercantile deposit and assignment of credits.
  7. Agency agreement
  8. Senior management contracts.
  9. Business association contracts.
  10. Contracts for supplies of products or materials.
  11. Business assignment contract.
  12. Confidentiality contracts, non-competition and NDA between companies.

Management of commercial contracting

The management that is carried out is comprehensive, from the first advice to know the intentions and objectives of the contract, completely personalized drafting and negotiations with the counterpart until closing and signing. Elevation to public in your case.

Contracts are drawn up and negotiated in Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan or in several columns with simultaneous translation to avoid loss in translation.

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