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Liquidation and organized dissolution of companies.

We carry out any type of liquidation and corporate dissolution. These operations are really complex and for them the managing partners decide to keep the companies inactive with the considerable cost that this entails, often preventing the employer from retiring. The dissolution and extinction of the company is recommended in the following situations:


When the conflicts between partners are of such magnitude that the only solution is the liquidation of the company by agreement of a majority of partners.

If there is no such majority agreement and it is about two blocks that control 50% of the company, each of them paralyzing the corporate bodies (administrator and board of partners), it is advisable to present a judicial dissolution.


Lastly, it is advisable if any of the partners and/or administrators with a percentage equivalent to 50% or a majority of the company intends to set up on their own with another company with the same or similar corporate purpose. To avoid situations of unfair competition that leads to serious damage, we recommend parallel to starting the competitive activity the request for judicial dissolution of the company. This avoids the responsibility of the competing managing partner.

Procedures necessary for the liquidation of companies

We carry out all the procedures within our office that includes:

1 Liquidation project, extinction
2 Accounting corrections
3 Distribution proposal between partners
4 Call making
5 Board of partners
6 Elevation to public of the dissolution and extinction
7 Partner taxes related to dissolution
8 Registration in the Mercantile Registry
9 Lost in the census of businessmen in AEAT
10 Presentation of liquidation for blocking of corporate bodies before the mercantile courts

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