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Valuation of companies in inheritances

The valuation of the company will serve to compare the value of the shares with that of other goods and establish a price in the partition notebook, with the agreement of the parties.

If there is no agreement between the parties to determine the value or it is considered disproportionate or undervalued, we make expert appraisal reports or counter-reports to others provided by other heirs or Executor or accountant-party, with probative value for the purposes of contribution to legal proceedings with assistance, where appropriate, to testify before the court, ratification of the report and explanation thereof.

We advise and adapt the operations of transmissions of companies or lots of participations or shares in Inheritance to the taxation that is most interesting for the parties, as well as the subsequent purchase-sale operation of the heirs between parties.

Comprehensive advice to the heirs after the transfer or acquisition to other heirs or partners through direct purchase and sale between partners, capital reductions, treasury stock purchases, and / or a combination of the three previous operations to prevent the operation from failing both for tax reasons and for reasons of lack of liquidity between partners or the company itself to face the investment or divestment of the outgoing heir partner.

Finally, we carry out all those contracts and deeds, as well as guarantees of payment of the purchase-sale operation that are necessary until the closing of the operation because in addition to being accounting and financial experts we are lawyers with extensive experience in transaction operations with shares and / or participations of companies, included in groups of companies.

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