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Demand for protection of patents and trademarks and intellectual property

They will be entitled to exercise the actions referred to in article 2.3 of the Law on Patents and Trademarks, in addition to the holders of the rights registered in the Patent Registry, who prove that they have duly requested the registration of the act or record in said registry. business of which causes the right that is intended to be enforced, provided that said registration is granted and those rights that are not registered are of public and notorious recognition.

The defense of patent and trademark rights is a right that the author of the invention or of the trademark can exercise by its creation, in accordance with the Law, registered in the corresponding Public Registry and that its illegitimate use may lead to the realization by its owner or author, of civil actions.

The owner of a patent or registered trademark may exercise before the judicial bodies the corresponding civil or criminal actions, whatever their type and nature, against those who violate their right and demand the necessary measures for their safeguarding.

Our office offers a claim service to obtain legal protection in the cessation of fraudulent use and compensation for damages in patent and trademark rights.

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