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Minority partners: Rights and duties

We advise you on how minority partners can assert their rights and be heard in the companies to which they belong, allowing their active participation in the management of the company and obtaining dividends from the company in which they made the investment. The services we provide are the following:

  1. Attendance at partner meetings.
  2. Analysis of accounting and documents submitted for voting.
  3. Review of all types of social agreements,
  4. Challenge of corporate agreements for approval of abusive remuneration, loans and contracts made without agreements, capital increases with dilution of minority partners and any assumption that represents an abusive and unfair act for minority partners.
  5. Nullity of fictitious corporate resolutions, without a call, and / holding non-existent meetings, or approved with fictitious majorities.
  6. Exercise of the Right of Separation in all its forms (see our service about the Right of Separation)
  7. Filing of demands for social action for liability against administrators-partners. (see our service about social and individual actions of responsibility)
  8. Filing of actions of unfair competition against administrators-partners.
  9. Achieve divestment and exit of capital with innovative techniques.
  10. Negotiations for the sale of shares / shares

We carry out a comprehensive service within our firm with experts in all matters. Consult the possibilities to which you can choose without obligation.

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