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Valuation of companies in donations

Comprehensive advice to donors-grantees of donation operations to related people. IMPORTANT, in the case of related-party transactions, it necessarily requires an adequate valuation of the company to avoid tax inspections for the donation of participations/shares with inadequate values, at nominal value or ridiculous prices. The tax penalty can frustrate the operation.

We review in your operations of donation of shares-participations if you can benefit from tax benefits for inheritance of family businesses. There is a tax credit at the national level that will be applied to Income declarations in the declarations of donor donation operations and bonuses at the level of autonomous communities from which donors who pay taxes in inheritance and donations can benefit.

Finally, we carry out all those contracts and deeds, in the transfer of the company by donation because, in addition to being accounting and financial experts, we are lawyers with extensive experience in transaction operations with shares and / or participations of companies, included in groups of companies.

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