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Demands in action of collection of invoices and/or services provided between companies

In the amount claim action, the plaintiff is the holder of a monetary credit right, which corresponds to the corresponding obligation of the debtor to pay a certain amount of money-, if the moment comes when the debt is due the debtor does not comply, the creditor can, with the amount claim action, not only obtain from the judicial body a statement that affirms the existence and ownership of the credit in favor of the plaintiff, but also a statement in which it is recognized that the defendant has the duty to pay the debt. In addition, if the debtor still does not comply, the sentence, as a conviction title, empowers the plaintiff to initiate the enforceable process and request that the debtor be forced to comply.

On the other hand, given that the amount claim action presupposes the existence of a mandatory relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant, which makes the former the holder of a loan over the latter, it is necessary, as regards the possible origin or source of such link , be in accordance with the provisions of article 1089 of the Civil Code , which expressly provides that “obligations arise from the Law, from contracts and quasi-contracts, and from illegal acts and omissions or in which any kind of fault or negligence intervenes”.  

ABOGADOS VELAZQUEZ, claims the non-payment of invoices to its delinquent clients. We have several services:

  1. Collection management ; We send burofax in claiming the debt immediately. The speed of the claim is essential to avoid the accumulation of defaults.
  2. Judicial claim of amounts through payment order procedures, verbal procedures (less than 6,000.00 euros) and Ordinary procedures (More than 6,000.00 euros).
  3. Claims of non-payments of foreign companies, to Spanish companies. We have lawyers in various EU countries.

We have EQUAL LEGAL collections for clients with monthly incidents of defaults. (Check for equal delinquency recoveries)

Large Construction Companies: We are experts in claims against large constructors that systemically default on their suppliers’ invoices, obtaining the benefit of the works in the appropriation of said amounts, through: The avoidance of pre-invoice issuance, alleging non-existent breaches, appropriating withholdings, extensions of work projects that deny payment once executed, contract extensions, failure to present certificates of being up to date with payment, etc.

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