Major partners

Major partners and/or administrators

We advise you on how to establish a relationship with the other partners to avoid conflicts that may be responsible for the commission of corporate crimes or other civil or commercial claims; subjects that require high qualification in commercial law. Bad advice can have irreparable consequences. In particular:

We advise on the defense of claims received by: Falsehoods in social information; Imposition of damaging abusive agreements; claims to challenge agreements due to impediment or denial of the rights of minority partners; lawsuits for unfair or fraudulent administration; demands for remuneration not agreed by the meeting; demands for loans from the company without authorization from the board; Lawsuits for the provision of services by administrators without the agreement of the board.   

See our services in terms of social liability actions, individual liability actions, actions for derivation of social debts, right of separation, exclusion of partners. Do not hesitate to receive highly qualified advice on these matters.

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