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Demands in action of unfair competition between companies founded by partners and/or employees

Any behavior that is objectively contrary to the requirements of good faith and that entails a distortion of free competition in the market is considered unfair. We are specialists in the application of the regulations set forth in the Law of Unfair Competition Law 3/1991 of January 10.

It is a complex norm, but of great importance because the company or company that constantly suffers acts of unfair competition by another company or by an administrator or former workers can find themselves in a short time in serious difficulties due to the massive loss which can even lead to the closure of the company. The regulations prohibit, in addition to any act carried out in bad faith, the acts of:

  • Deception and confusion.
  • Imitation.
  • Taking advantage of the effort and reputation of others.
  • Violation of secrets.
  • Unfair recruitment of employees and customers.
  • Exploitation of situations of economic dependency.

From our office we advise in a preventive way avoiding that former employees, managers and even administrators carry out acts of competition that could be detrimental to society.

If you are currently suffering from any of these acts, we file a claim for unfair competition before the Mercantile courts in defense of the injured company, if on the contrary you are being sued for unfair competition, we advise and prepare your defense.

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