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European Process of small quantity (up to 5,000€)

You can use a European small claims process to file a claim against a person, an organization or a company based in another EU country for a maximum amount of 5,000 euros, without interest or expenses. (Except Denmark)

You can use the process to claim reimbursement for goods or services, which includes the following claims:

Lawsuit for defective products. Claims against European companies or distributors for a defective product that you have bought in another EU country or that you have purchased online from someone who lives in another EU country.

The claim will be filed in the country of the affected person or company and will be sent to the competent court of the country of the defendant company. that is

If the matter can be handled as a small claims proceeding, the court will contact the defendant (the person you have sued). The defendant has 30 days to respond.

Within 30 days of receiving the respondent’s response (if you decide to respond), the court may:

  1. Issue a judgment in relation to your claim
  2. Request further details in writing from you or the defendant, or
  3. Request your appearance

How the decision is executed

The court’s decision is automatically recognized in the other EU countries. The sentence will be executed by the court that has ruled in the country where the defendant resides. The execution will be carried out according to the regulations of the country where the sentence is executed. 

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