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Valuation of companies in exclusions and separation of partners

The need to know a certain or approximate value to be able to start negotiations on the correct line in the separation or exclusion of a company in and purchase of lots of shares. For the seller the valuation indicates the minimum price for which he must sell and for the buyer the valuation indicates the maximum price to pay.

Our valuation service, for an additional price, in addition to making the valuation report, we make the purchase or sale offer to the interested parties, we defend the value with our report and we carry out all the necessary negotiations with the counterparties until the closing is achieved. of the purchase or sale agreement.

If an expert is appointed to value the participations and/or shares by the Mercantile Registry following the provisions of the Capital Companies Law, our firm reviews the report of the independent expert, makes a counter-report and judicially challenges the report made by the expert if it turns out to be undervalued or disproportionate.

We offer the necessary services to both partners who exercise their right of separation, as well as those who are excluded, as assistance to the company to correctly carry out the operation of separation or exclusion of the partner.

We advise and adapt the purchase-sale operations to the taxation that is most interesting for the parties, as well as the purchase-sale operation that can be carried out through direct purchase and sale between partners, capital reductions, treasury stock purchases, and / or combination of the three previous operations to avoid the failure of the operation both for tax reasons and for reasons of lack of liquidity between partners or the company itself to face the investment or divestment.

Finally, we carry out all those contracts and deeds, as well as guarantees of payment of the purchase-sale operation that are necessary until the closing of the operation because in addition to being accounting and financial experts we are lawyers with extensive experience in transaction operations with shares and / or participations of companies, included in groups of companies.

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