VAT inspections

Company tax and vat inspections

The verification of the Corporation Tax by the Tax Inspectorate is an essential element in the actions carried out by the AEAT. The Corporation Tax is based on the prior verification of the company’s accounting and, in turn, the accounting reflects the activity carried out by the company in all its phases.

In the Corporate Tax inspections, information regarding other taxes or fiscal obligations is analyzed, such as withholdings on account of work, income from movable and real estate capital, VAT, ITP, customs duties, etc. Likewise, this information also refers to other taxpayers related to the company such as suppliers, clients, workers, shareholders, etc.

In short, the result of the inspection checks in the IS is key for the purposes of verifying possible tax contingencies in the company that is being inspected, not only in relation to the IS but also in relation to other taxes and, of the same Thus, regarding the detection of possible contingencies in taxpayers who carry out operations with said company.

If you have received notification of the inspection and need specialized advice on how to correctly manage the inspection, ABOGADOS VELAZQUEZ will advise you so that the lowest possible payment results in strict application of the law, defending your company from arbitrary decisions with a tax collection purpose.

If, in spite of this, unfavorable and disproportionate settlements result, we continue your defense with the available resources that Abogados Velázquez manages in its entirety because we are a prosecutor and collegiate lawyers, experts in accounting, companies, taxation and tax and procedural law.  

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