Law firm in Madrid

“ We offer a comprehensive legal assistance service for companies and individuals ”

The importance of having a law firm with extensive experience is to have the guarantee that all our Know-How will be at your service.

High qualified team

Our buffet has a team of expert lawyers and high -level economists, formed in the best companies and that value their curriculum.

20 years of experience

Working with companies for more than 20 years has allowed us to know the problems they have regularly, from conflicts between partners, to structure problems, giving effective solutions.

Personal and closer treatment

We offer our clients a totally direct and personal treatment with the office partners eliminating the bureaucracy of the great corporate firms.

Experts in commercial law

Law firm in Madrid

Abogados Velázquez is a law firm in Madrid with a legal team that has specialized in Business Law and entrepreneurs. We provide completely new solutions as a result of legal research and deep knowledge of the business world. We have our own jurisprudence and have contributed greatly to the world of commercial law, helping hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs to solve problems easily and at affordable prices due to our simple structure.

We have extensive experience in business insolvency situations, being able to boast of having obtained 100% bankruptcy and fortuitous insolvencies in the last 20 years, allowing entrepreneurs to continue in the economic world, avoiding financial and business death.

We have verifiable references from entrepreneurs who have been able to rebuild their businesses and assets thanks to our specialized advice.

We work for all types of clients, from multinationals, large corporate groups, SMEs and micro-SMEs, regardless of treatment. Companies are as important to us as yours is to you. We work with companies throughout Spain.

Commercial Law

Tax Law

International Law

Commercial Corporate law

Banking Law

Financial Law

Law firm at the service of your company

All the members of our team of lawyers belong to the Bar Association and/or Economists, and are also in constant training and recycling, thus offering an updated service adapted to new needs and legislative and jurisprudential developments, a matter in constant evolution.

You can check our knowledge by getting to know us personally, providing solutions to your problems from day one.

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If you live any situation that needs legal advice, do not hesitate until it is too late. We are here to solve your problems.

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