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Lawyers Velázquez offers a wide variety of legal services in all areas of business law.
Servicios Jurídicos - Derecho Mercantil

Commercial Law

Specific branch of law that regulates business business operations. Only lawyers who know business and financial law can successfully advise on this matter.

Servicios jurídicos - Derecho Societario

Company Law

Brings together the regulations governing LIMITED COMPANIES and LIMITED COMPANIES. It consists of regulating the coexistence between partners, administrative bodies and corporate life in general.

Servicios Jurídicos - Derecho Fiscal

Tax Law

It takes special relevance due to the increase in the actions of the Tax Agency in the field of inspections and reviews and finally derivations of responsibility to administrators and partners.

Servicios jurídicos - Valoración de empresas

Valuation of Companies

Method of obtaining value of a company or group through the NIC and financial institutions. There is no specific regulation, but there is a series of valuation methods that applied correctly can get up to 90% closer to the real value of the company.

Servicios jurídicos - Procedimientos judiciales

Judicial Procedures

If the conflict has already started and its judicial resolution is unavoidable, with an expert team in Procedural Law, will defend your interests before the courts in the specialized areas of Commercial, Civil and Financial Law in all instances.

Servicios Jurídicos - Derecho Internacional

Private International Law

When conflicts between companies have crossed borders, we are faced with international law. We are a specialist in applied law within the European Union and we have clients in Italy, Germany, France...

Know-how in the
commercial field

To facilitate business management, our clients offer assessments and reports, advice on national and international export and hiring.

Complete business

In addition, we also help you in cases of business sale, shares and company participations; and we advise you on industrial and intellectual property problems and data protection.


We advise you on judicial proceedings in national, European and international companies, we make judicial claims until the total debt collection is achieved.


We are specialists in any type of judicial demands between companies, either due to contractual breaches, for defects, or any other subject related to their society.
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Bankruptcy Law

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